Sponsorship Consultancy

Sponsorship can be an incredibly effective strategy. But too many times we see sponsorships fail due to neglect in leveraging the assets.

reynolds-harleyFor rights holders, the challenge remains delivering ROI. Quite often rights holders become too insular in their offerings expecting the sponsor to leverage their investment.

For sponsors, they often make the critical error of failing to allow adequate resources to activate the sponsorship – typically relying on the rights holder to deliver creative solutions and resolving integration of their broader campaign.

Push Industries was established to act as the conduit between rights holders and commercial sponsors to ensure clarity and resolution of objectives and outcomes. Further to this we provide creative strategy to spark excitement, visibility and integration with sponsor’s broader marketing and advertising campaigns.


Push is engaged by Australia’s leading sporting properties as a strategic resource to support their internal team, and their sponsors, to deliver more effective leveraging of sponsorship.

This resource is offered over and above the property’s existing in-house resources. It has the critical and strategic effect of circumnavigating a brand’s tendency to be persuaded from sponsorship by its media buying agency who do not profit from sponsorships.

By offering this support to its existing and potential clients, rights holders resource their sponsors directly. This support includes creative campaign strategy to not only maxismise their investment with that team, but to work more broadly ensuring integration and resolution with their overall strategy.

A by-product for rights holders is we identify creative strategies to assist sponsorship procurement. The ‘splatter-gun’ effect is avoided with pre-determined campaign strategies, rather than simply proposing predictable and under-resolved sponsorship proposals.